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Texas Brew - Hot Iron Habanero Salsa

Texas Brew - Hot Iron Habanero Salsa

2.0 lb
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Tasty, hotter salsa from a great company.  Roasted and a little bit sweet from the honey.  A Fiery Food Challenge Golden Chile Winner.

Heat: 7 out of 10

Ingredients: Roasted tomato, water, honey, lime juice from concentrate, roasted tomatillo, chipotle peppers (chipotles, tomatoes, salt, sesame oil, paprika, vinegar and spices), roasted onion, habanero pepper, roasted garlic, roasted poblano chile pepper, cilantro, vinegar, salt, sugar, molasses (molasses and water), cumin, smoked paprika and capsicum extract.  

Net wt. 16 fl oz.