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Texas Brew - Honey Roasted Peach Salsa

Texas Brew - Honey Roasted Peach Salsa

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Rich, roasted, sweet salsa from the always-great Texas Brew. One of the best peach salsas on the market, without a doubt.

Heat: 4 out of 10

Ingredients: Roasted tomato, peach, peach juice concentrate, tomato (fresh tomato, tomato juice, calcium chloride and citric acid), water, honey, lemon juice from concentrate, roasted onion, chipotle peppers (chipotles, tomatoes, salt, sesame oil, paprika, vinegar and spices), roasted poblano chili pepper, sugar, salt, molasses (molasses and water), habanero pepper, roasted garlic, vinegar, cumin, natural peach flavor, and xanthan gum.

Net wt. 16 fl oz.