Tears Of Joy Hot Sauce Shop has permanently closed. 
Thank you for all of your help and support over the years! 
2000 - 2020

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Tears Of Joy Hot Sauce Show

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It's the pain episode. We take on Extract Sauces... and pay the price.


Mango love, cream cheese tips, what's up with the bizness and bikes! Thanks for watching!


It's getting smoky in here! We try out a few Chipotle Sauces. We escalate into a cream cheese party and tell a harrowing retail story with a cautionary tale and a quick how-to. More news on the way! Thank you again for all your support!


We get into Garlic Sauces this episode. I give my method for making wings and include a bit of shop news. More on the way!


Red, ripe chiles are the focus of this episode in this sauce lineup. We talk about the active chemical that we all know and love. Any additional facts and info, feel free to put in the comments below. Thanks again for all your love and support!


It's Pineapple time! Our hot sauce lineup showcases the tasty tropical fruit, with one of the sauces brand-spanking-new to the market. We then give a quick overview of the five species-types of chile and the favorite one of this style. Thank you all for watching!


We get into some mustard this time with the Yellow Sauces. Then we discuss some TOJ product news (with more developments to announce soon!).



We strike Gold in this episode, sampling several of these shining styles of sauce. One of them produced by the curator of the Hot Sauce Expo, the New York show being announced for the fall, so we have to give this sauce star some love. Thanks for tuning in!


In the next few episodes, we will cover styles of sauces. Where else to begin... the Table Sauces. I cover some basic microbiology, because it's relevant. An old friend, who had an incredible line of products, gets some recognition. And we end with a taste of a hotter one, now in stock. Thanks for watching, more on the way!


Our third installment! We talk about SXSW 2021 Online and the historic importance of this massive festival on our old shop, as well as the city. We acknowledge the companies that have moved on to bigger and better things. We need new sauces and we are here to help, but don't be a chia seed lady! Then we try some tasty new submissions. Hope you enJoy!


After a tasty lunch at 1618, we get into some shop history, decisions that led to closing it and then looking onward to the future. We give love to CaJohns Fiery Foods Co. and sample some of their Poison.


Tears Of Joy Hot Sauce Show #1! We kick off the first episode with some new products, talk of SXSW 2021 and love to a couple of saucy women for Women's History Month. This first one is short and sweet, to get us off the ground, but so much more to come. Thank you for tuning in!