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Hot Ones Sauces

I saw the lineup for the next season of The Hot Ones on YouTube and it looks great.  They chose some excellent sauces and I can't wait to have them available to sell.  I have orders in to Dawson's Hot Sauce and Adoboloco, so those will be in stock soon.  I have a message out to Karma Sauce and hope to have that, as well.  We currently have Humble House, Louisiana Brand, The Bronx, Mad Dog and Da Bomb.  The Hot One's sauces, Fiery Chipotle and The Last Dab, are only available through the Heatonist's web site.  They know I...

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NEW, new site!

Welcome to our NEW, new website!   Our site of the past year or so was functional but, as it turns out, Shopify is a better platform for us.  It has been a smooth transition and I am enjoying it a great deal, so far.  I hope that it works well for everyone out there.  Please, let us know if you have any problems or issues using the site. We re-shot all of the product photos (had to happen) and new products are going up at a steady clip.  In another week, nearly everything in the store will be online.  Adding...

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